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Our Products

Q-Tickles/Lazer Nails

Our Products
LAZER Bonding Primer / Regular Liquids & Powders
Odorless Liquids & Powders
Q-Tickles Sculpture Nail Kits / UV Light System
UV Bonding Gels / UV Primers / LAZER Brushes
Nail Polish Remover
Nail Tips / F. P. Nail Lacquers
Q-Tickles, Nail & Cuticle Oil
Our products are always expanding.  Please check in often for updates.

Polishes, Topcoats, Nail Art and Much Much More!
You will never be "out of date" or "behind the times" with our up-to-the-minute fashion products.  You may even want to try some of our "trend-setter" products!  So GO AHEAD.... ENJOY!
Check our prices and smile at your savings!

Everything for Elegant Nails. Oh So Wet!
The shine is unstoppable!
CLEAR ICY LOOK for everlasting protection against dullness and chipping. The final touch!

What you are is reflected in your appearance.
THE FRENCH MANICURE.  Your nails make a personal statement for weddings, graduations and that special occasion.
The price is always affordable but the result is priceless!

They will GLOW with Q-Tickles and Lazer Nails
Your Nails Know the Difference!

Lazer UV Acrylic Nails


Everything the modern professional needs.

Check our prices and smile at your savings!

Q-Tickles, Nail & Cuticle Oil - Soothes dry , damaged cuticles. Promotes healthy nail growth.

Tiny Tickles, Nail & Cuticle Oil - Purse size. Great for travel!

Q-Tickles & Tiny Tickles fragrances available:  Royal Bouquet, Sunflower, Hawaiian Rain, Jasmine, Lavender, Juicy Peach,Almond, Mango,Orchid,Orange Blossom, Banana,Gardenia

(Custom fragrances available upon request )

Lip Tickles, Botanical Lip Gloss! (not shown)


UV light kit, Liquid, Powder and Gels: NO ODOR!
A Modern Marvel
All you need with training video included!


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